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Playground and custom games are big refurbished
Remove the top of the “playground”
Remove “Custom Games” for “multiplayer”
Add “custom” to the top of the shortcut bar with three tabs:
Lobby : You can preview or join the open game hall of the Battle Map and Playground Map
Battle : You can create a new hall for Battle Map and Battle Map with extended modules
Playground : You can create a new hall for the playground map
The game hall has some new features:
You can create individual game hall, and can be named
Show the number of players in the lobby in the lobby list
When the same map has several halls, it will be displayed at the same time
In addition to the original bookmark function, you can now add the map to the top of the quick menu inside
The map information will also show any available game hall
Replace the original “play” and “play again” with “join the hall” and “create hall”
When the number of open halls is full, it will not start automatically
For more details, please refer to this article
All unit shapes are available in the “Wings of Freedom” and “Zerg Heart” games


After Deakka rose to level 10, the enemy could attack it with air weapons
Developers Note: Deakka is too high! Unusual High Thunderbolt! Higher than the colossus! Besides, look at it by the missile turret attack, also quite praise.

Locust beast
After the evolution of the empty capsule, the explosion of locusts will give priority to the air target
Developer Note: Before the locusta will give priority to attack the ground target, so after the change, the locust beast will become a strong air unit. Because they can cause a lot of damage to the air units, so changed to let them priority attack air units, and will spend a little time will rush to the target.


Heroic personality
When the hero’s personality is transferred, the nearest available unit of the hero’s death site is preferred
Hero personality transfer, no longer temporarily into a coma
Hero personality even if transferred to other units, the previous formation will not be invalid
Developers Note: We are still changing for the Phoenix, first of all, we want to solve a few heroic personality on the operation of small problems. These changes should be able to improve the resilience and efficiency of heroic personality at the combat level. Hope to continue to launch Phoenix’s changes, to solve our last week in the discussion area which mentioned other issues.

Add a performance category in the Data Editor: User data
In the effect tree, add a key value of the matching data repository
You can modify and confirm the effect in the key repository
Making it easier for map creators to create recursive “chain lightning” type capabilities

Fixed an issue where the alt + tab could cause the program to stop functioning when playing a movie at the beginning of a game in full-screen mode
Players and others to watch the battle video, can use the voice chat
Drama Battle

Fixed an issue where the planet’s magnification did not work properly during the evolution of the Zerg Heart
Many people battle

Prompt to remind players to hatch after the completion of insects, rather than training is completed
Fixed the problem of the gas extraction nest placement model that looks smaller than the physical
Fixed a problem when the Marauders attacked the visual effects that did not show the shocks
If the unit of deformation in the player’s field of vision, will not see the completion or cancellation of the Zerg deformation animation
Cooperation task

Guarded in the sub-mine infected hammer built, no longer immune stagnation effect
The Zagora unit icon located in the commander’s selection screen will now show the Leviathan series
The enemy warfare ships, controlled by nerve infections, can use tactical jumps to move beyond the range of Alexandre
Fixed a problem with biomass that triggers beacons
Phoenix’s armor gets the guard light shield and then triggers the cooling time
Dehca Master’s phagocytic gain effect will list the percentage, not the number of seconds listed
Fixed a grammatical error in the words “summon Gravie”, “summon Dakron” and “summon Mowa”
The original insects and the locusts will be able to meet their own modules
Fixed a problem with the assassination of animals without attack
Fixed a problem where the native guardian did not attack the animation
Fixed the storm when the dragon from the cocoon inside the incubation time, if the first time to attack the enemy, then the process of repeated attacks in the process of hatching animation
The “spiked barrage” of the rage will indicate that the ability to attack the air and ground units
At the same time there are air and ground enemy units, the explosion of locusts will give priority to lock the air unit
Deakka is swallowed when it is affected by the slow effect of fungal hyperplasia, and no longer causes the unit to be stuck
Fixed a complete evolution of De Haka, in the line through their own units of the cocoon, the mobile path is not smooth
The hotkey that moves to the base lens will no longer cause the screen to jump to the guard of the native guard and the leader of the original ethnic group
The implementation of alert mobile command units into the range of broken roar roar, it will not lead to these units attack Deja
Deakka died when he rose to level 6, and would not leave a cocoon behind him
If you have just swallowed the enemy quiet unit, once again swallowed the enemy quiet unit will not lead to range of damage failure
The in-game presentation of the gene mutation will show the correct value
The Spike Barrage Upgrades will show that Level 11 is unlocked
Fixed a problem that De Haka was not born again after being killed by a malignant body

In the “active troops” tab of the battle video, the progress bar will not be covered above the numbers
Reduce the network bandwidth requirements of the game interface
Map editor

When you browse the user interface editor or create a template dialog in the trigger, the editor will no longer show the missing error message
Fixed a problem where a map publishing error might occur in a few cases
Fixed the keyboard input for the XML editor
Fixed a problem with the lack of layout settings when reading layout settings.
The Freedom Wings module now also contains the original Zerg core module and the empty legacy module (Click bankofwow to buy wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

World of Warcraft big bastard black crow fortune mobs Boss skills to deal with Raiders

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Personal brush black crow more frequent this week, the black crow is not a good brush (the second floor corridor who brush who knows), and then turn the brush of the other, distress proficiency is not high, especially out of the black crow, Other rice detailed Raiders.

  Into the team captain please shout: nurse stealth first walk: (not stealth face a few waves of mobs, black crows the most difficult?

Old one

  Old one: T back, was named to put the circle, the cruel word order must kill the mobs, high-level attention to slow down mobs, non-violent words to see the number of layers to see the team can decide whether to kill the mobs, generally more than 15 layers Must kill all.

  The old one after the small spider (skills: to the current target lost hot, such as a long time do not disperse, die), to encourage the word sequence of the largest vanishing point, incentive + explosive, incentive + seriously injured. Processing methods: T then protection (not to protect their own life insurance) rushed to the fastest speed cited down (pay attention to do not blame slow down, or to change his father), other people below, etc., LR can put traps in the stairs, And then hands-on, who is a person who reckons this rubbish it, the other word order casually up to play, big spider can generally be upstairs with two 110 pull the best, can not wait to kill alone

  Two 110: scout: skills to read the article after reading the random target flying edge. Response: This must be halo or control, mobs order or high-level, at any time dissatisfied with the blood team members.

  Mobs big brother (forget what name): positive shock wave. Response: to escape that is good (generally can not hide hiding halo, or behind the scout immune halo, at any time overturned).

  Behind a few waves of mobs: see the word order to see the number of layers, choose a few batches of friends, the general incentive or explosive or cracked friends less.

  Mobs: (sorted by threat)

  Arcane strange: random target feet put aoe, great damage. Response: priority to kill, and sometimes encouragement, then remote to hide their own, slowly kill later (generally not recommended).

  Leopard: flutter remote target, great harm, mobs order, or incentive (do not listen to war roar Odin) father, leopard a flutter a. Coping: DK happy to make friends, no dk please give priority to seconds off.

  Scout: Skill is to read the article after reading the random target flying edge. Response: This must be halo or control, mobs order or high-level, at any time dissatisfied with the blood team members.

  Master mobs: random target Austrian red, small strange words order, great damage. To deal with: simple, interrupted can, leisurely.

  Hunter mobs: random target biubiubiu. Coping: milk good; positive direction (T tube good toward) fan aoe, to deal with: hide well, can not hide on the halo (sub-choice), great damage.

  Mobs big brother (how your big brother threat the lowest): positive shock wave. Response: to escape that is good (generally can not hide hiding halo, or behind the scout immune halo, at any time overturned).

  Mobs stage summary: the first two first two, scout as the main goal, aoe6 can not do anything I turn over, the first time group halo seconds, if not, hands please stay halo, priority to hide (in order to be dizzy Not immune), can not hide still halo

Second child

  Second child: cruel words order group remote, the car is also stable, T to the wall, all by the wall, charge high or brutal must take the initiative to open the injured, brutal name immediately ran out of the crowd, mobs Or layers to decide whether to turn fire, dk can pull over aoe, MSLRWS control of physical strange, remote run line.

  The second floor of the corridor mobs: fire strange mobs: the current target fan-shaped fire, hurt, to deal with: do a good job, optimistic about reading the article to hide, (blood pool word order this strange whole of the most delay time, blood pool fire, You control me ah) (there is no big God to share what way can greatly reduce the blood pool weeks this strange time).

  Gyro strange: on the random target gyro kill, hurt big. Coping: I’m running.

  Knife evil monster: the first to deal with the key, read the current goal of a huge skill damage, can be fatal. To deal with: In order to maximize the teammates dps, it is recommended to start the hard resistance, read the book dizzy strange, consequently nothing, immediately kite, pastor friends hand, motivate word order, do not listen to the roar Odin players recommend substitutions.

  The door of the two recommendations together to pull A, or progress is not enough to make up the stairs, affecting efficiency.

  Demon + bat: see the number of layers and order and the team divided into two waves or a wave, a strong team generally no problem.

  Bats Skills: Staring at random targets. Response: Proposed to vulnerable occupational protection.

  Demon monster: read the gods down to earth +++. To deal with: interrupt.

  This wave of strange to have a tacit understanding, halo the order to do a good job, interrupt the priority, it is recommended to blame into the old three stairs before the pillars there, you can prevent DPS is not enough behind the T to fly a kite, enough space, Can not play, cool crooked.


  The youngest: the normal charge each can eat once, the line should pay attention to the location put, dps to force ok, not to force line on the GG, and assault earthquake high or boss order easy to reduce staff, pay attention to reduce injury, maximize dps melee eat Let other people in situ line, 15 layers MT can eat 3 assault, their grasp, SX line and line and line.

  Humanoid mobs: random target fall surgery, hiding good, strange words order or incentive order order at any time to hang one, the current T injury-free coverage, a wave of up is not joke, to encourage word order, like a wave, the proposal must be strange Qi Qi Qi, behind a few strange to come a few minutes, is to be the old man of the black crow.

  Fourth: head vegetables: avoid injury left to the skills, high-level does not joke, listen to dbm tips, darts read the article to escape.

  Big devil: injustice he hands open, called milk mother milk others, Shadow Bolt to stay, green fog escape, teammates monkey fast kill, the shock wave is dead fool!

  Raiders finished, some word order or details do not remember in detail, welcome you to correct or provide better advice, so good for you lost the small base friends.(Click gameusd.com to buy gameusd,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

“FIFA18” sale for the first weekend, the number of players broken 1.6 million

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EA’s FIFA game latest work “FIFA18”, also is the first 25 series works, listed on the first weekend, in the whole platform to attract 1.6 million at the same time online players.
The news is released through the EA official Twitter account, and po out of the game cover star Cristiano Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo).
It is worth noting that EA does not provide any further details about this number. For example, we do not know how the figure is compared to the same period last year, and even the other series of records.
To be sure, this figure is not the highest record of this series, because if this is the case, then EA will certainly book a large book. Nonetheless, the number of online players at 1.6 million was impressive, especially given that the release was just released on September 29.
“FIFA18” has landed PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360 and PS3, priced at $ 59.99.
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top up NBA2K18 at gameusd.comIf there is indeed a series that is irreproachable from year to year, it is well NBA 2K. Dominating the market with a masterful hand, the game of basketball Visual Concepts nevertheless continues to adjust to each new season for the happiness of its ever more demanding fans. The graphics are refined, the gameplay improves and gains more flexibility this year, while the content continues to get rich. It is on this point that NBA 2K is struggling perhaps to convince. By dint of too much wanting to do it, by dint of wanting at all costs to be renewed, frankness also tends to go towards directions sometimes hazardous.
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Proof is still this year with this career mode that wants to play the RPG, with its neighborhood to manage through its avatar. The idea is good, the intention is even salutable, but the result is unfortunately not up to par. The progression is dull, the immersion totally absent and the interest completely limited. Rob Jones, who has been trying hard to write his solo mode at all costs, is caught in the carpet, something he seems to have accumulated since Spike Lee came two years ago. NBA 2K does not need all these flourishes to remain the master of the virtual basketball. Let him focus on the essential, for that is all that is asked of him. NBA 2K does not need all these flourishes to remain the master of the virtual basketball. Let him focus on the essential, for that is all that is asked of him. NBA 2K does not need all these flourishes to remain the master of the virtual basketball. Let him focus on the essential, for that is all that is asked of him. (Click gameusd.com to buy Cheap NBA 2K18 MT, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Video Games: “FIFA 18” on Switch, the good surprise The sports simulation of EA Sports is tested at the hybrid console of Nintendo. A lighter version, but which perfectly fulfills its office.

Rather half-empty glass or half-full glass? This is the inevitable question that arises for anyone who puts their fingers on FIFA 18 on Switch, the mid-handheld mid-range console from Nintendo. Released on September 29 at the same time as the canonical version on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, this version offers an experience, certainly, pruned of certain modes and visual effects, but no less appreciable.

On the one hand, one of the flagship modes has disappeared. This is the ” story ” mode , which tells the story of the career of fictitious footballer Alex Hunter, discovered in 2016-2017 in FIFA 17 , under the jersey of Manchester United. On the other hand, there is almost all of the plethora of saga modes, career mode as a manager or player at the national championships and championships under license, by the feminine selections, and Ultimate Team, a variant in which the player builds his own team by associating various real and legendary players.

Ideal for career mode on the move

To appreciate it at its true value, it is necessary to situate this FIFA 18 in its context of use: never a simulation of nomadic football had, so far, made it possible to direct the PSG during five seasons while being chosen as coach of Denmark ; to create his own goalkeeper and start his career in the Valenciennes cages; to play a World Cup feminine with comments in Japanese; or eliminate Tottenham in the knockout stages of an online tournament. The whole, and at your choice: in a train, at the bottom of the bed, on the domestic screen, in the office or in another isolated place where you would like to take advantage of your loneliness. In short, FIFA 18 is both the lightest of the FIFA 18 domestic, but by far the richest of the nomadic soccer games ever seen.

Visually, there must also accept some concessions. This nomadic version does not have the richness of atmospheres of grinds PS4 and Xbox One; its stages are more summary; its players modeled in a more basic way; the flatter colors. Similarly, the animations are a bit more rudimentary. Technically, the game is closer to a FIFA 13 on PlayStation 3, which is also not shameful. Especially in passing in cartridge format, the simulation of flagship football has, of course, lost its superb visually speaking, but it gained in access time, games starting faster and almost without loading time.

Sensations close to “true” FIFA

Hand in hand, we find most of the movements of a FIFA cannon. Thanks to the ergonomics of the Switch, close to the other consoles – except to go through the Joy-con horizontally, much less comfortable. Left-handed, roulette, sombrero, coiled strike, leg movements … the virtual Neymar technical recital answers the call. If it is necessary to cite a disappointment, it is rather to seek in two recurring defects of the saga, its stereotyped goalkeepers and its soft strokes and little reactive. It is not uncommon to see a striker level international take any momentum to senda miserable flat foot without strength – and again, when the latter has the reflex to properly identify the best position to strike .

In the other limits, they also conform to the usual couacs of FIFA, we can reproach the mode “career” mood swings sometimes not well coherent sportsmen; aberrant journalistic summaries (such as a 6-0 victory described as “difficult”); or, from time to time, decisive passes attributed to the wrong player in the statistics. Minor details, of which we can only perceive the use. And if you end up noticing it , it’s a good sign: it’s difficult to let go of the console.

FIFA 18: The Switch version does not have the same functionality as the others

FIFA is back on Nintendo consoles. Unfortunately for the Switch holders, the version presented on the console is not as complete as the versions for consoles Sony and Microsoft. FIFA 18 came out on Switch recently. The Nintendo console is much less powerful than the competition, so EA has to adapt its flagship game. The end result is similar to a “portable” version. So the Journey mode is not available on Switch and many features of the Ultimate Team are not available either. The career mode has also been purified: it is no longer possible to negotiate transfers and contract clauses. However you have the opportunity to play anywhere and anytime, and that your PS4 does not know how to do it.

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FIFA 18 – Creepy faces in the Nintendo switch version

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FIFA 18 went a new way this year. Because the Nintendo Switch offers a new platform and a new target group. But unfortunately there is currently a mistake in the game, which could quickly deter many. This turns the faces of the professionals into strange objects.
On the Nintendo Switch, there are problems with FIFA 18.
This is reported by the “ThisGenGaming” page and shows specially recorded images . You can find them under the appropriate link. Instead of displaying the right face of a FIFA 18 player, the game takes a standard face-up , which was probably used in the development phase. With this standard model, the faces of the professionals can only be positioned correctly. On the Nintendo switch the error occurs when you start a kick-off match and leave the live form activated. Then it can come to the problems. However, this does not affect the game.
The history of the FIFA series
Start the gallery
(83 pictures)
An optical error (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Currently, not many seem to be affected by the problem. Whether this is due to the low pressure on the Nintendo switch version of FIFA 18 or whether the error is really rare is not known . But surely, EA will soon have a fix for it. After all, you do not want to cheat the new players right away with such a sight.
FIFA 18 has been available since 29 September 2017 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

WoW: Protection Paladin Tank Guide (Legion 7.3)

We will show you what has changed on the Protection Paladin with WoW: Legion, explaining the strengths and weaknesses of the gameplay and comparing the performance of the “Prot-Palas” in raids, arenas and solo playing with the achievements of other classes and gameplays , On the other pages you will find a short introductory guide, we explain in detail the abilities and talents of the tank, and give you the most handy info on how to play in raids and mythic dungeons the maximum from the tank-paladin.

The Protection Paladin DpS Guide is on the legion of Legion Patch 7.3 and is permanently updated by us to new updates

WoW: The protection paladin is so strong in Patch 7.3
With the last balance patch, Blizzard’s one of the greatest weaknesses of the Blizzard Protection Paladin has been addressed and at least partially improved. Through the buff from the Silver Hand of the Silver Hand , the sacred tin can no longer die so quickly when no buff from Shield of the Righteous is active. Here is still the big difference to many other tank classes. While druids or death knights survive hard strokes even without active damage reduction, the protection paladin has already been kicked out of life by some bosses with automatic blows if the damage reduction is used incorrectly. This makes the Paladin sometimes hard to play with hard content than his colleagues. In the hands of an experienced player he can compete with other tanks in most areas.


Alone in the free world is the protection Paladin as a tank of no opponent to defeat. Through the constant self healing of several talents and light of the protector your life points never sink into the red area – no matter how much you pull. Thanks to the high surface damage, you can easily drag entire hordes of enemies together to destroy them in turn. If you regularly use Seraphim and Angry Retribution , you are faster and safer in the free world than most DpS classes. This is due not least to the good mobility. With the right talents, you often have your short-term sprint ready and flickers from opponents to opponents.

In the mythical and heroic dungeons of Legion, the hour of the Protected Paladin is beating. With the appropriate talents, he shares more damage than many a pure-blooded DpS class. The more damage he can cause, the less he needs healing. In addition there are various support charms with which he can support his group. With some combinations of Legendarys, he can even provide his fellow players with so much healing that at low levels no explicit healer is needed anymore. The weaknesses of the Protective Paladins – the poor defensive outside the Shield of the Righteous is hardly noticeable in dungeons as they use the time between groups to let the charges fade.

In the raids most of the tanks are quite close together. The paladin is sorted in the mid-field. He has some strengths but also serious weaknesses. While no other tank needs so little healing as the Paladin, no other has so few life points and so weak a defensive when its active damage reduction is not active. This makes it easy for a boss to hit hard bosses unless you play attentively. In return, however, he has some strong talents and abilities, with which he can eliminate whole Bossmechaniken.


In PvP, the protective Paladin as a tank plays hardly a role. Only on the battlefields is he sometimes used. However, he does not make a particularly good figure there. Since he can use his damage reduction only if he has a target to attack in melee range, he is mostly very helpless. Moreover, it can not use its greatest strengths when carrying the flag. For as soon as you activate an immunity, you simply drop the flag in place. In the PvP, change to a different paladin style.
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WoW Patch 7.3.5: Antorus PTR Boss Tests from Thursday, 28 September 2017

From Thursday, September 28th, 2017, the next Boss tests in the Antorus Raid of the upcoming World of Warcraft Legion Patch 7.3.5 will start. Here are the info and dates.

The World of Warcraft Legion game designer Skordyn today the official forums announced the next boss tests for Antorus raid on the Public Test Realm (PTR) for the upcoming patch 7.3.5. It starts on Thursday 28 September 2017 , and these (preliminary) tests will, as always, at the same time serve to verify server stability; the Feintuning of the bosses at a later time.

Note that heroic mode scales for any group of 10 to 30 players. So you can set up your test group accordingly flexibly. The mythical mode requires a fixed group size with 20 players. Here are the exact dates:

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Thursday 28 September 2017
Antoran High Command – Heroic Antorus, the Burning Throne
13:00 PDT (16:00 EDT, 22:00 CEST )
Portalkeeper Hasabel – Heroic Antorus, the Burning Throne
14:00 PDT (17:00 EDT, 23:00 CEST )
Eonar the Life-Binder – Heroic Antorus, the Burning Throne
15:00 PDT (18:00 EDT, 0:00 CEST )
Friday, 29 September 2017
Imonar the Soulhunter – Heroic Antorus, the Burning Throne
13:00 PDT (16:00 EDT, 22:00 CEST )
Kin’garoth – Heroic Antorus, the Burning Throne
14:00 PDT (17:00 EDT, 23:00 CEST )
The Coven of Shivarra – Heroic Antorus, the Burning Throne
15:00 PDT (18:00 EDT, 0:00 CEST )
In Dalaran, Orgrimmar or Stormwind, you can address the NPC Nexus Lord Donjon Rade Sr. , who will teleport you directly to the Raidzone. Your equipment scales automatically as always. Also, all new artifact weapon bonuses are available when you have completed the quest to unblock them. Read the post of Skordyn here in the official forum .

You can find more information, specials and videos about World of Warcraft on our WoW-themed page .


Today, the new FIFA 18 is finally on the shelves!
On Thursday, the stars of the eSports industry at BILD ever tried. Guests in the studio were:
► Kai Wollin, FIFA World Champion
► Cihan Yasarlar, FIFA European Champion

► FIFA professional Yaya
► Kevin and Robin, the winners of the BILD raffle
► Joshua Begehr, director of the manager company “eSports Reputation”